Global Warming: How It Really Affects Us

global warming

Admit it or not, there are changes happening in our world that most of us still take for granted.

During summer, the sun would be hotter than usual. During winter, the snow would be colder than usual.

And you know what? All these and more are caused by global warming.

Global warming, by definition, is a condition where the Earth’s temperature is found to be higher than usual. This condition is largely attributed to what others call the greenhouse effect, where high levels of pollutants such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons are found all over the place. However, this condition is also largely attributed to what some call the human evolution, where high levels of man-made pollutants such as unsegregated waste and other toxic chemicals are found to be either left rotting somewhere or left spilling everywhere.

And you know what? All these and more causes a number of ill effects – not just on the environment, but also on mankind itself.

That being said, here are some ill effects of global warming on us:

Dehydration, Malnutrition

No matter how you study about what to do during a drought, when it happens, all you can do is pray for it to be over. That’s because the red-hot sun will not only cause even oceans to dry up or cause even flowers to go limp. It will also cause people to go dehydrated due to lack of filtered water or go malnourished due to lack of cultivated food.

Mishaps, Avalanches

Snowstorms, hailstorms, and other frosty-cold weather conditions – these will not just cause places to get buried under a thick blanket of snow for weeks at most. It will also cause mishaps like vehicular accidents due to strong winds of snow falling all over the place, as well as cause avalanches due to heavy flakes of snow falling all over the place.

Do you know any other ill effects of global warming on us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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